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 Ludmila Varlamova 


Her teachers and mentors in life and work were Moscow artists Yevgeny Rastorguev and his wife Tamara Guseva, who came to studies in Pomerania.

In 1976 she graduated from the Moscow Regional Institute of Culture. N.K. Krupskaya *, art and graphic department.

Since 1989 - a full member of the Moscow Union of Artists, as well as a member of the International Art Fund.

He is a member of the French Anna Yaroslavna Association at UNESCO in Moscow. Since 1994 - a regular participant in large seasonal exhibitions of the Federation “Aquazhivopis”.

Since the 1980s, Lyudmila Varlamova has regularly exhibited at All-Russian and international collective as well as personal art exhibitions.

The artist held a number of personal exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rome, France, Prague, Cameroon, Lithuania, the USA.

She is a prize winner of exhibitions:

"Spring Salon" 98. Moscow, 1998;

"Spring Salon" 99. Moscow, 1999;

Gallery Ville St. Benoit. Exhibition-contest. France, 1999.

Lyudmila's works are in private collections in Russia and abroad: in the collections of Pierre Cardin, Evgeny Primakov, Artemy Troitsky, Vladimir Spivakov, Rene Guerra and Alain Guerra (France). One of the works is also in the Museum of the Bolshoi Theater, in the Pushkin House (SPB), in the Pushkin Literary Museum and the Museum of Moscow.

Lyudmila Varlamova is engaged in painting, graphics, creates collages, sketches for painting objects of decorative art. He prefers to work with oil, gouache, acrylic, but especially likes watercolor and pastel. Feel free to experiment with techniques and directions; Now she is actively improvising over the creation of monotypes *, likes to use mixed media, combining different materials, forms, textures, methods, creating extraordinary, refined, stylish things.

Ludmila works in various genres: landscape, still life, portrait, composition, including abstract.

Another feature of her work is the variety of themes, many of which later turn into large series of works. We will name some of them: carnivals, music, dances, theaters, unusual situations and conflicts of life; a special place is given to female images. The artist does not focus on one thing, she is in constant motion, exists in several imaginary worlds at once, hence the constant change of themes, palette, methods and image techniques.

Ludmila devotes much attention to plein air painting. The pictorial range of natural landscapes is continuously updated under the impression of numerous trips around the country and beyond. Her works capture the Volga landscapes, views of Prague, Italy, Lithuania, France, the USA.

The artist’s works are filled with subtle nuances and bright shades of a cheerful palette.