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When, almost a quarter of a century ago, I had the pleasure of knowing for the first time this man of deep Russian sourdough, I did not expect, so to speak, the delayed effect of the nesting doll. The fact is that when I recognized Evgeny Anatolyevich, I also got acquainted with the work of his wife, Honored Artist of Russia Tamara Guseva; time passed, the matryoshka, as she should be, revealed her other secret - she appeared in the family of Luda Varlamov, and over the years - the little artist Natasha.
A few words about the latter. I want to believe in the happy future of this crumb, which a few months ago, along with grandfather and grandmother, not only visited the United States, but was also honored to be noticed by the Americans - they bought several of her pictures for dollars.
For example, I, too, would not refuse to buy the masterpiece Ptichka now exhibited by Natashin, on which, however, the two dogs I liked the most.
Natasha’s mother, a member of the famous Moscow association of artists Irida, this time appeared in a new, modernist guise, suddenly changing her image dramatically. The native of the North (from Sumpososad), Lyudmila Varlamova, I think, briefly betrayed with her witchcraft, full of quiet charm, the colors of the white nights of her minor; homeland.

The artist, of course, is in constant creative search and, it seems, that this search for her own face should be identified with complete certainty.
Tamara Guseva, a master of rare giftedness and wide artistic possibilities, has no particular need to certify a small note - her name has long been the property of art history monographs, catalogs and journalistic publications.

At the mini-exhibition presented, her things are completely new, but I can not resist at least a short praise created by Tamara Petrovna about six or seven years ago Portrait of the granddaughter of Natasha. Very stylish - a sort of sophisticated paraphrase in the spirit of the XVIII century - it still looks in some way and as a visionary:

the girl on the canvas looks older than even her current years, but she, I want to believe, will be just like that with age, and besides, grandmother, even then, might have guessed her future - to be an artist ...


A. Filatov. 1988

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